Art & Artistry in A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man

“The tiny flame which the priest’s allusion had kindled upon Stephen’s cheek had sunk down again and his eyes were still fixed calmly on the colourless sky. But an unresting doubt flew hither and thither before his mind. Masked memories passed quickly before him: he recognised scenes and persons yet he was conscious that he had failed to perceive some vital circumstance in them. He saw himself walking about the grounds watching the sports in Clongowes and eating chocolate out of his cricketcap. Some jesuits were walking round the cycle- track in the·company of ladies. The echoes of certain expressions used in Clongowes sounded in remote caves of his mind.” (Joyce, 182)

Joyce, James. A Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man. New York: B.W. Huebsch Inc., 1916. Print.

Stephen’s recalling of these vivid memories shows his artistic mind, and the creativity he holds in while studying and trying to be a good Christian boy. It shows the struggles he faces as an artist, and as a young man, ultimately relating again to the school novel genre.