Lord Peter

“Lord Peter finished aScarlatti sonata, and sat looking thoughtfully at his own hands. The fingers were long and muscular, with wide, flat joints and square tips. When he was playing, his rather hard grey eyes softened, and his long indeterminate mouth hardened in compensation. At no other time had he any pretensions to good looks, and at all times he was spoilt by a long, narrow chin, and a long, receding forehead, accentuated by the brushed-back sleekness of his colored hair. Labour papers, softening down the chin, caricatured him as a typical aristocrat.” (Sayers 27)

Sayers, D. L., & Carmichael, I. (2008). Whose Body? Chivers Audio Books.

Lord Peters description, rather long winded and exhaustive, does much here to characterize him as an almost cliche detective.