As I Lay Dying and its “Interesting Language”

“He came up to see and I hollering catch her Darl catch her and he didn’t come back because she was too heavy he had to go on catching at her and I hollering catch her dark catch her darl¬† because in the water she could go faster than a man and Darl had to grabble for her so I knew he could catch her because he is the best grabbler…”

Faulkner, William. As I Lay Dying, New York Vintage, 1990.

I chose this passage mostly because of the construction within it. As Faulkner writes this passage from the perspective of Vardaman, he makes sure it is written from a child’s penmanship. The passage is a huge run-on sentence that contains grammatical errors but at the same time perfectly encapsulates what is going on in Vardaman’s head in the scenario he’s placed in.