Their Eyes Were Watching God Commonplacing

‘”An envious heart makes a treacherous ear. They done ‘heard’ ’bout you just what they hope done happened.’ ‘If God don’t think no mo’ ’bout ’em than Ah do, they’s a lost ball in high grass'” (Hurston 5).

Janie and Pheoby are talking about how the women like to gossip a lot about things and situations they do not understand. Pheoby makes a good point by saying that the reason that they gossip and talk about what they think they “heard” is because they are jealous and want the awful things they hear to be true. I think it is important that the author made a point to show in Janie’s speech her lack of education because it makes her maturity in handling the ridicule that much more astounding and impressive. She does not really let what the women say get to her because she knows who she is and is confident that she knows the truth and that is the only thing that matters.