Toomer, Cane Part 1: Form

“She played ‘home’ with a small boy who was not afraid to do her bidding. That started the whole thing. Old men could no longer ride her hobby-horse upon their knees. But young men counted faster.” (Toomer, 3)

Toomer, Jean. Cane. New York, Liverwright, 1923. 

This passage comes before the first little stanza, which stands separate from the rest of the text. This is one of two times in this chapter that the speaker, the narrator recalls a song-like stanza. The first describes Karintha. I don’t think the form here, moving from description to stanza is unique at all, but I do believe that the writing style is different from many older texts of American literature. It is actually ironic because this week we are discussing form and this text the far has shown such informality.